This was really 3 projects in one. First off, because the retaining wall was right on the property line most of the work was done on the neighbors property without complaint...Our client had a Failing brick retaining wall. The wall was failing for 2 reasons. First, the trees were planted to close together and to close to the back of the wall. Over time as the trees matured the root systems applied more and more pressure to the wall until it gave way. Second, the wall was without a proper drainage system to relieve water pressure. First part of the project was to move the trees and existing fence to an appropriate distance from the new wall to allow room for the geogrid installation for the wall and to allow the root systems of the trees to grow without restriction. It took tremendous care to move the mature trees. We were able to successfully transplant all of the trees without loss. Next up was to remove the existing brick wall, haul away the debris and excavate the area for the new wall.  Final project was to install the RidgeRock segmental retaining wall system and permanently re-install the wood fence (without damage!!)